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Advisors that are still in business are good at what they do. They can relate to people, inspire trust, and provide confidence to clients who are not sure what decision to make about their financial future. A key factor that differentiates the most successful advisors from the average advisor is the ability to convert more prospects. Independent advisors face stiff competition from the big Wall Street firms. Independents win because clients trust them more, and they lose when they do not have enough to offer.

If an independent advisor could provide better capabilities than a Wall Street firm that would be a game changer. At CMIQ, we provide product expertise that beats what the average Wall Streeter offers clients, hands down.

A huge challenge that advisors face today is the ability to differentiate themselves. Why should the client choose you? At CMIQ, advisors benefit from a firm with deep expertise. CMIQ advisors are not alone on the front lines with the client. Instead they have a wealth of CMIQ financial market knowledge and strategy to pull from to solve client problems.

This depth of knowledge that is not easily acquired or replicated. The advisor, along with the CMIQ team makes a diverse range of investment options a reality for clients, ultimately better servicing clients' needs.

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Client Centric Advisors

For advisors that are client centric, we offer significant marketing support, strategy and sales pitch formulation assistance. This, coupled with the size of our firm, and our willingness to invest time and resources selling clients, has resulted in winning individual and institutional clients. Sales driven advisors can also take advantage of our proprietary asset management capabilities in house. These capabilities include actively managed fixed income, equity portfolios, cash management, and sector rotation models.

Proven Money Managers

Advisors that have proven asset management strategies can benefit immensely as well. They can leverage our asset base, our advisor network, industry knowledge, and industry relationships to broaden exposure to a multitude of other clients. We have the capability to  launch any of our advisor’s strategies into Mutual Funds, giving the advisor reach to essentially every investor in the United States.