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Wealthy Individuals are Often the Target of Poor Advice

High net-worth clients have been the economic backbone of wealth management firms for decades. Too often they are the target of high fee, low performance, commission rich financial products pushed by major financial institutions. At Capital Markets IQ, we provide market knowledge and investment savvy that allows these clients to get the most from their economic position. This starts with educating our clients on which common products tend to under-perform or expose them to excessive risk. We then assist clients in re-engineering their expectations. The next step is exposing clients to better alternatives, whether they are better performing versions of products client already knows or our own out-performing strategies. The result is a confident, well-served client.


Managing Future Expectations of Others is Daunting

Institutional investors face a hard truth. Whether they are family offices, corporations, or retirement programs, many people rely on them. Consequently, investment decisions are highly scrutinized. Poor decisions can cause panic or even worse long term hardships for the institution's constituents. Capital Markets IQ truly understands the magnitude of mistakes in this arena. We specialize in providing a large universe of investment choices that effectively meet the needs of institutional investors. Whether the need is planning for future growth, creating an economic benefits program for employees, or a multi-generational wealth transfer strategy,we have the investment expertise in house and reach to tax, accounting and legal professional to help virtually any institution develop and execute well thought out plans.

At CMIQ, we know that clients' needs vary. Accordingly, we have developed capabilities that can be mixed and matched to even the most demanding clients. As the level of complexity for a given client grows, the ability to offer investment management from simple mutual funds compounds. CMIQ's proprietary strategies allow advisors to tap cash managers, disciplined growth, fixed income long/short, securities lending, and repo markets. Our portfolio models, including sector rotation strategies, provide additional tools for advisors to pick from.

Our approach varies based on client needs. This approach is based on a fundamental understand of who clients are and the challenges that successful investment strategies help them overcome. Our approach deals specifically challenges for:

Wealth Management Clients

High Net-Worth Individuals


Servicing Clients Best

There is No Such Thing as an Average Client

Providing superior service to retail clients seems like an easy task. Most investors rely heavily on solid advice to achieve their retirement goals. Strategies that cannot adapt to changing market conditions cause a disproportionate amount of pain to this broad group of investors. At Capital Markets IQ, we treat this task with anything but a pedestrian approach. We educate our team and their clients by exposing them to a far broader range of possibilities than the "average" investor ever gets to see. These strategies and asset classes provide specific performance characteristics designed to bolster portfolios and simultaneous to mitigate volatility.