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CMIQ Global Tactical Balanced Index

The CMIQ Global Tactical - Balanced Index consists of a rules-based approach that  invests globally across a broadly diversified portfolio of asset classes.  The strategy seeks to maximize growth during positive stock market trends while minimizing losses during bear markets.

Quantitative Tactical Methodology – provides an unemotional, unbiased ranking methodology that is systematically applied on a monthly basis.

Volatility, Relative Momentum and Trend Measurements – the strategy’s quantitative process measures the volatility, relative momentum, and trend strength to determine which assets to invest in.  Of particular importance is the expectation that future returns are proportional to the amount of risk.

Portfolio Diversification – the strategy invests in a basket of as many as 4 major asset-classes each month representing a diversified mixture of global regions, sectors, styles, or fixed income securities.

Dynamic Rebalancing – the strategy automatically adapts its allocation based upon current market conditions.   The strategy increases equity exposure when conditions are favorable and conversely, will decrease its exposure to equities,  in favor of fixed-income securities when the model indicates that the markets have become too risky.

Portfolio Concentration Guidelines – the portfolio may own as much as 60% equities and 40% fixed-income to as much as 100% fixed-income and cash equivalents depending upon market conditions.

Monthly Rebalancing – the model is rebalanced at the end of every month.

CMIQ's Global Tactical Balanced Index

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 Hypothetical Disclosure:  The performance results represent hypothetical results for the CMIQ Global Tactical - Balanced Index (the “Index”) during the measurement time period.  CMIQ has not yet utilized the Index in managing actual client portfolios.  The hypothetical performance results reflect the reinvestment of dividends  but do not reflect other earnings or brokerage commissions and custodian expenses because the performance was derived from back-tested results and does not reflect actual performance.  The hypothetical performance results are net of ETF  expenses and do not reflect the maximum advisor fee that would have been charged by CMIQ during the measurement period.  The hypothetical results may differ materially from actual results based upon various factors.  Past performance may not be indicative of future results.  Therefore, no client should assume that future performance will be profitable, equal the hypothetical performance results reflected for the Index, or equal the corresponding historical benchmark index The historical index performance results for the indices reflect reinvested dividends, but do not reflect the deduction of transaction and custodial charges, or the deduction of an advisor fee, the incurrence of which would have the effect of decreasing the historical index performance results.  The historical index performance results are provided for comparison purposes only, so as to provide general information to assist a prospective client in determining whether the index’s hypothetical performance meets the client’s investment objectives.  Historical index performance results do not reflect the impact of taxes. It should not be assumed that account holdings will correspond directly to any such comparative benchmark index. Further, the comparative index may be more or less volatile than the Index.Limitations of Hypothetical Index Results:  The Index results reflect hypothetical, back-tested results that were achieved by means of the retroactive application of a back-tested Index and, as such, the corresponding results have inherent limitations, including, but not limited to, the following:(a) the Index results do not reflect the results of actual trading by CMIQ or use of CMIQ client assets, but were achieved by means of the retroactive application of each of the referenced underlying investments, each of which was chosen with the benefit of hindsight;(b) back-tested performance results may not reflect the impact that all or any material market or economic conditions might have had on use of the Index, if the Index had been used, during the measurement period; and(c) for various reasons, CMIQ clients may have experienced investment results it they used the Index, either positive and negative, during the measurement period that may have been materially different from those reflected by the Index hypothetical performance results.  For example, variances in client account holdings, investment management fees incurred, the date on which a client began using the Index, client account contributions or withdrawals and general market conditions, may have caused the performance of a specific client’s account to vary substantially from the Index hypothetical performance results. All hypothetical performance results have been compiled by CMIQ, and have not been independently verified.  Different types of investments and investment strategies involve varying levels of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or strategy will be either suitable or profitable for a prospective client.Disclaimer: Returns do not include brokerage expenses or a maximum 2% advisor fee billed quarterly in arrears.  This document has been distributed for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell a security.  Information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but not guaranteed.