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By joining CMIQ, advisors get access to numerous desirable capabilities, that only a larger firm can source. These include: low cost lending; alternative investment platforms; sub-advisor platforms; and shared services. In addition to access to these capabilities, our compliance experts can help advisors determine suitability with confidence.

Along with the broad range of opportunities CMIQ provides to advisors, comes a streamlined cost structure, designed to immediately impact the bottom line.  Typical advisors, with assets under $15 million, can see their costs reduced 30%, or more. However, the cost side is only half the story, revenue potential is dramatically enhanced as well.

Capital Markets IQ Empowers Independent Advisors

Elite Expertise

The Power of Scale

Market Leading Capabilities

CMIQ is home for the best. Whether it is our marketing beating investment strategies; World Class Custodians; Expert Business Development Support; or Award Winning Performance Reporting tools.

A Great Back Office

We know that Advisors hate the Back Office. That's why we dedicate a full time operational staff to it. Keeping up with rule changes, dealing with regulators, issuing invoices, collecting fees. Done.

Brand Control

When you join Capital Markets IQ, you preserve the brand equity you have built over your career. We minimize the changes you need to make. You bolster YOUR offering with an impressive team and products.

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